Andreas Weigend
Data Mining and E-Business: The Social Data Revolution
Spring 2009
Stanford University

This page describes tasks related to class where we are looking for people willing to help out.

Where should the course wiki content go after the end of the quarter?

Students, you are doing an amazing job with the course wiki!! What are ideas to make it useful for people outside class, and for us in the future?
After each year, I "lock" the wiki after class ends. So, rather than remaining on, what do people think of moving it to As a quick experiment, I had moved last year's wiki to, but feel that there should be more focus on hte content and less on the wiki features (which of course don't work in the new environment any more). I would like to
Volunteers needed:
1) How do we do the port of the content from wikispaces to its permanent, non-wiki location?
2) To avoid links changing and other things breaking, what is a decent wiki software to run it on next year, right away there?

How do we leverage the transcripts?

Volunteers needed:
Any idea what to do we do with the quite good transcripts of each class? I paid for them through the FIM/MySpace support we got for the course but want to know how useful they are for you, for others We put them up as MS Word docs, would it be more useful to have some annotation software, or is that overkill?

Wikipedia entry for Social Data Revolution

Volunteers needed: I started What we need to understand is what people use wikipedia for)
(And if anyone has any idea, the wikipedia entry about me is quite minimal,, I am not sure in hte trens about people pages about the role of wikipdia vs FB vs LinkedIn etc)

Should we have an anonymous wiki for discussion?

Who can create a truly anonymous chat room / message board for class where people can truly write what they really think without having to worry about it influencing anything?
Jennifer Sniadecki: I would like to help with this. Proboards could be an option. I created a test site ( This site allows age, location and identity to be hidden.
Andreas: Thanks Jennifer, I would like something that does note even collect email addresses, or IP addresses so people feel totally safe!


Audio recordings of class

I care for having good quality audio up within a day of class. It currently has no distribution (in a folder on Social recommendations are important What shall we do here? Upload hould we e.g., put them up at Stanford's iTunes University? When planning class a few months ago,
Brent Izutsu was ready to help with and However, SCPD seems not to understand how the world has changed, that that sharing data precisely is one of the central areas of this very course.
Mike Polcari
( I put up a podcast using yahoo pipes here:
it looks like we can add it to itunes u here: . Let me know, I can help out w/ this.
Andreas: That is great. I am all for it. All classes so far are up at the canonical location.

Class 8

Jun 01: Ustream and as experiment for data collection during class
Volunteer: Ron Chung
Jun 01: Food purchasing, Drinks purchasing, Food setup, Cleaning up...
Volunteer: Enrique Allen

Prediction market implementation
-Emile Chamoun (
-Sampath Jinadasa (
-Mike Polcari (